Sofoz (en)

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This materials is used to make decorative furniture including chairs, console tables, folding screens, tables and stools (low and high) all of which have been or may be customized to suit your needs.

All of our pieces are either completely unique, numbered, or made in limited series as illustrations of the “ideas on the nature of luxury objects” which the Sofoz brand wishes to convey.

The luxury products are made as objects of desire, not consumerism: the brand is respectful of the environment and a watchful observer of contemporary design and creation in its myriad forms.

Every piece in our wide selection of products can be fully customized thanks to specialized technical knowledge on cutting, printing, silkscreen printing and logos. We also offer an infinite choice of colours and fabrics which makes Sofoz’s concept very attractive to anyone interested in design. Our client base includes interior designers, the hospitality industry, and luxury brands seeking to reinforce their image or create an event.



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