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Sofoz supports contemporary art… Sofoz fosters creativity…

Our artists

Sofoz partners with the art world by collaborating with young designers from different disciplines including painters, photographers, sculptors, graphic novelists…

Our guest designers are assigned the task of creating collections of unique pieces : an exercise in self-expression which involves taking our furniture and other smaller items and providing a new take on them, transforming them into exclusive works of art.

Out of respect for the artists, Sofoz gives them total creative freedom, as we believe this is the only way to guarantee the artist’s success.

Sofoz’s desire has always been to bring contemporary art and design into people’s homes…unpretentiously


Anne-Marie Springer

Overtime, Anne-Marie Springer composed one of the most beautiful letter' collection's on the theme of Love, Sentiment and Intimacy. 

She was beginning following the birth of her daughter : Zoé. Her collection is the most important in the world, it represent all of the beautiful writing of XVI to XX Century. 

Nowadays, Love letter disappears slowly, people stop to write, alternatively Text or E-mail... but this never displace handwriting charm.

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Gilles Orly

Sofoz’s first collaboration was with Gilles Olry, an experienced painter.

His rich, vibrant world, in constant renewal, relies on a good eye and a light touch.

This is reinforced by a strong sense of colour, and the use of a multi-faceted technique, the only one capable of conveying his own unique cosmogony, as intense as it is complex, tinted with a distinctly contemporary frenzy.

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Barnabé Ribay

Breathe the air of time, inspire and feed trends, it is our spirit. 
On the lookout for new talent, we are proud to present the creations of a new designer.
At age 30 , Barnabé Ribay, talent, he has it in spades !

Fascinated by light and transparency , Barnabas will we create furniture
and objects made of Perspex in total harmony with the Sofoz brand.

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Vinc was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1961. A gypsy artist and wanderer, his love for traveling began with his first trip to California with his parents at the age of fourteen. Eternally commited to glamour, to that little something that playfuly lives in all of us with a mischivios glint, Vinc presents his Girl Playing Over the Fire series. 

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