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Sofoz is a luxury furniture design brand made entirely in France using French-manufactured Altuglas (PMMA).

“MySofoz” is an opportunity for Sofoz, a made-to-measure specialist, to add a touch of originality and unique charm to design pieces.

This service is available to brands and interior design professionals for use in restaurants, hotels – in fact, anywhere clients are received.

In addition, decorators and interior architects entrusted with the responsibility of purchasing furniture and objects – who wish to differentiate themselves and their clients by featuring a high-end design brand (in stores, at special events, product presentations, and so forth) – may also benefit from our services.

Through its customization services, Sofoz is able to focus on its prime concern: understanding and exceeding the desires of its clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to submit your requests for personalized services. All requests are welcome.

“This essence of luxury is not democratic, but aristocratic.”


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